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Beck Oliver is just one of the seven head emails of Victorious

Beck Oliver is just one of the seven head emails of Victorious

He is Jade West’s date and you may is apparently the first choice of gang. Due to his speciality and you can a good-seems and particularly their fluffy tresses, they are quite African Sites dating websites popular that have girls (including younger adult people). He together with seems to be really peaceful, smart, and you can adult at most minutes. Their talent is acting and certainly will be described as a pretty guy.

Physical appearance

Beck is really glamorous, and then he will get a number of interest from other girls and you may even more youthful adult ladies, instance socialite Alyssa Vbulance driver inside the Jade Places Beck, and Katie, the feminine director on the Wood. Because the found in A movie by Dale Squires, as he says he will be able to get certain cheerleaders in the future more than and you may communicate with Robbie, he is apparently conscious of the end result their seems keeps towards the opposite gender. not, Beck remains quite small about it, and it also seems that he simply uses their physical appearance and make Jade envious. They are considered to be known as a « pretty son » because of his physical appearance.

Their locks are reported to be one of his really glamorous has, as mentioned inside Nut the newest Freak out, Locked up!, Helen Rear, and you will Operating Tori Crazy. Jade actually mentioned towards the TheSlap you to she’d feel providing his serum or other items together with her on a journey one to week-end so the guy « wouldn’t appear great while she is actually went ». Eg try his hair’s profile one to Tori Requires Needs #8 are intent on enjoying if Tori could make they search unappealing.


Beck is very type, mental, soft-verbal, easy-going, level headed, adult beyond their years whom appears to get along with anyone, actually anyone like Robbie, Pet, and Sinjin, who’re noticed quite strange. Even if the guy cannot usually get involved in crisis, he’s quick to greatly help someone aside, such when he fixed Robbie’s auto within the A film by Dale Squires, helped find the characters in order to enchantment Ke$ha inside the Ice-cream to possess Ke$ha, and you will performed Tori’s stunt for her inside Beck Falls for Tori.

Even if Beck is probably the most typical and you will sane of all the the new characters, he doesn’t speak far and you may appears to be very quiet. Their locker is clear to represent that the guy « does not have any gifts. » He requires pretending extremely positively, and you will thinks one to pretending is really regarding the « not acting anyway, but allowing the fresh new feelings inside your come-out and you can represent times.  » (The fresh Wood). Another thing that ways his silent, separate identity is the fact that he lifestyle by himself during the an Rv, in the place of with his mothers, very he can have his very own rules. Not much is famous throughout the their family relations or history.

Beck is an extremely skilled and you can very respected star during the Hollywood Arts. Though it is proven which he can enjoy practicing the guitar, sing, and you will dancing, he is apparently significantly more focused on pretending than tunes. The guy had second place in Sikowitz’s strategy pretending difficulty in Sleepover at the Sikowitz’s and will and chat in almost any decorations perfectly.

Even after his experience of Jade, Beck appears to take advantage of the desire the guy becomes from other people (Airplane pilot, Nut the newest Freak out, as well as the Timber) and rarely raises the fact the guy currently has a beneficial wife versus other people (constantly Cat or Jade) bringing up they basic. Beck will not seem also concerned about exactly how that it feelings impacts Jade, commonly dismissing her if in case she provides so it up, and you will generally seems to see rilling up their jealousy and allowing the woman mark her very own conclusionspared to help you their wife, Beck will not appear to rating envious easily, are rather uncaring regarding Sinjin teasing that have Jade, however, this could be more because of exactly how impractical it’s you to definitely Jade manage come back Sinjin’s attitude because the Beck looked a little envious because of the Jade flirting with Moose.

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