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Hange apprehends Mikasa, carrying this lady right back because the Levi makes the new treatment having Erwin

Hange apprehends Mikasa, carrying this lady right back because the Levi makes the new treatment having Erwin

Hange arrives that have Levi’s team observe Eren’s category, but discovers Mikasa wanting to steal the fresh new Titan treatment from Levi to ensure that she will be able to use it to save Armin, even after Levi’s substitute for rescue Erwin. Hange attempts to encourage their one humankind need Erwin is stored, explaining which they still need Erwin’s frontrunners.

Hange says to Mikasa that they also want to restore someone, and you can informs Mikasa that everyone needs to hang-up in the foreseeable future, insisting that they must move forward. Levi decides to proceed with preserving Erwin and Hange takes Mikasa and you may clears this new roof which have anyone. Yet not, whenever Levi regroups using them, he efficiency with Erwin, which have selected to keep Armin. The guy swears to help you Erwin which he commonly kill the Monster Titan, however, Hange notes one Erwin has recently died. [9]

Later on, the newest 9 enduring Scouts was provided an effective medal from honor inside the form of a dark colored bolo wrap on wings out of freedom with it

After Armin awakens atop brand new Wall structure, Hange while the others regroup doing him and you may talk about new condition on early in the day four-hours together with earlier battle. Hange cards which they considered Erwin have to have existed as well, but concedes that there is absolutely nothing a lot more to express regarding their most recent disease, and that they and you can Armin will have to embark on into the Erwin’s stead.

Hange accompanies Levi, Mikasa and Eren into the Jaeger family. Shortly after dealing with to get in new cellar they observe that in the beginning glance, it appears as though an average place of work. Speculating that it was designed to browse plain logowanie the perfect match, new five look and you may uncover a small keyhole unofficially of dining table that fits Eren’s trick. They suggests a small, blank closet hence Levi discovers a false base when you look at the. The underside are about three instructions, and you will together with her Eren and you will Mikasa unlock the initial guide and acquire an article of report in to the. Though it is apparently an attracting at first, it note that it seems too sensible. On the rear of picture they get a hold of an email out-of Grisha, saying that the picture was a great « photograph » and this humankind was not eliminated outside the structure. [40]

Hange joins Levi and you may Armin inside going to Eren and Mikasa from inside the prison, proclaiming one the sentence could have been cut small. The team suits with Historia to speak with this lady, before ending up in almost every other armed forces commanders and you may authorities to go over brand new previous expedition, this new magazines, additionally the grand loss of life. Hange tells the brand new officials on which is actually located regarding the guides, revealing the part given that Victims from Ymir, and how he is being hunted from the anyone else for once governing the nation and having the possibility to help you signal they again. [41] Even after questions away from discussing this post to your people of your Walls, it’s decided that they’re going to mention its conclusions with the some one.

Weeks later on, new Scout Routine once again opportunities outside Wall Maria to the an expedition the very first time for the half dozen years. Ultimately they come to the exposure to a Titan that is not able simply to walk and you may follow the walk kept of the its crawling up to it achieve the side of Paradis Isle. Right here, the new Scouts witness the sea the very first time. The newest troops dismount their horses, roll up its pant base and you will step into liquid inside admiration. Hange is very excited about the brand new finding of your ocean and you can their scientific really worth. [42]

Marley arch

Roughly a year following the retaking off Wall structure Maria, Hange will bring the new Scouts to the shore away from Paradis Island in order to protect this new coastline regarding Marleyan interference. Hange and you may Levi get good soldier on get better team off the initial questionnaire collection, to use as the a great hostage. Just like the Eren’s Titan overpowers and beaches the fresh new fleet’s head boat, Hange welcomes the Marleyan soldiers while offering her or him beverage. The latest master declines and supply his troops your order to flame; but not, various other soldier named Yelena shoots this new head inactive and you can agrees to help you brand new invite.

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