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Leo is an enhanced tech representative armed with steeped, advantageous tech gadgets

Leo is an enhanced tech representative armed with steeped, advantageous tech gadgets

Leo (??) try a genius scientist and an alternate official member of new main cluster, delivered inside the Miniforce X season dos.

Background Bio

He was afterwards introduced and recruited as the an almost friend regarding the state Miniforce representatives which apparently assist him or her in the conquering their opponents. Because of Leo’s wealthy assets, he had been able to get a small grouping of private pros and you may a person secretary manager, Mia.

From inside the 12 months a couple of Miniforce X, area of the Miniforce was indeed informed towards genius researcher exactly who and has state-of-the-art tech and you may access to the fifth Penta X Bot. Understanding Leo was a big help if he had been in order to signup them, the team put down towards the a venture to track down Leo, which is also bumping toward him throughout a challenger assault. On their wonder, Leo overpowered the fresh new opponent within minutes. The team used Leo and you can introduced by themselves, asking for your to join her or him in the race.

Although not, Leo declined the new consult, saying one heroes endeavor alone. Toward reaction, Volt confronted him so you can take on them: If the Miniforce won, Leo often sign up the cluster. Leo recognized the problem, therefore the tournament is set at their mansion.

Within the event, Leo’s technologic experiences made it impossible into the totally new Miniforce in order to overcome him with any kind of its individual vitality, up until Volt did trickery to the his sheer pet instinct having a great cat toy and was able to defeat Leo. Annoyed and you can upset, the pet researcher put the latest Miniforce out of his mansion.

But not, later on, the fresh new Miniforce were at risk if you are against the new came back challenger. Toward persuading of Mia, Leo arrived and you will assisted this new Miniforce because of the lending them his help and you will the brand new firearms (this new double x sword firearms). Adopting the competition, the strain ranging from Leo additionally the class everyday, and you can Leo, in the long run, wanted to improve the Miniforce, guaranteeing they may be able constantly move to your for assist when they necessary him.


Leo is a keen onyx-black pet having cobalt-blue eyes and you will muzzle. His legs and arms slowly alter to bluish in the wrists and legs, that have cobalt underbelly fur. He wears an enthusiastic onyx-black colored mask that have cobalt coloration band to conceal his deal with, as well as a gold technology check out doing his left arm.

Whenever transformed, it’s very possible that Leo’s fit and gun design is actually an enthusiastic altered adaptation passionate regarding Ray’s drawing. Their armor try dark gray, tinted which have bluish and you may adorned which have small pieces of purple and you may brown. Their body structure is more muscled as compared to remaining Miniforce class, plus the same as Ray. He nevertheless wears their see on their remaining wrist, even though now integrated into their case.


Leo appears to be a mix of Volt, Sammy, and you will Ray’s characters. He or she is let me tell you pompous pleased like Volt often try, major including Sammy, and aloof eg Ray. The guy also appears to be a bit narcissistic, daily boasting and you may praising themselves facing someone else. The guy means themselves due to the fact ‘hero’, and often build looks having awkwardly ‘heroic’ presents.

Leo’s incrediblely large IQ also increases their currently-too-highest self-confidence, while making him become most importantly most other agencies. Although not, despite his swaggy feelings, Leo does have a type and you will righteous heart that shows for the important moments, and you can cares profoundly for every single cluster associate.

Since a researcher which have secretary executives, Leo is also shown to be elite and you can is able to create enterprises. Whenever worried about tests, he can end up being oddly severe, and you can shows good higher level top.


Leo, in the event from the absolute element will not enjoys people superhuman stamina, just take benefits of their worry about-conceived wristband to use others’s show, as well as program materials and rights actually outside the Miniforce agents, and Adult datings dating sites also make your shockingly powerful (possibly a comparable to Ray’s competition level).

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